Illusions of Safety

New England IPA brewed with white wheat, flaked oats and pilsner malt. This beer is then hopped in the kettle with exotic Medusa hops, which have a complex aroma of mangos, pineapple, cedar wood and leather. We also included Southern Passion from South Africa, which adds notes of passion fruit, guava and raspberries, and an irresponsible amount of Citra to really take the pineapple and grapefruit into the stratosphere. This beer is then double dry hopped with even more Medusa, Souther Passion and Citra. Together these hops create an alluring hazy IPA with overwhelming notes of pineapple juice, tangerine rinds, and white peach flesh.

ABV  6.8%


Our beloved 4 grain saison brewed with wheat, spelt, oats, rye and pilsner malts and hopped in the kettle with traditional Saaz and untraditional Calypso, Lemondrop, and Nelson Sauvin. This saison was then fermented hot with our favorite Wallonian saison strain until crisp and just the right dryness. Then we lightly dry-hopped this lovely crusher with more Calypso, Lemondrop and Nelson Sauvin. We get notes of lemon balm, sauvignon blanc, freshly plucked peaches, and daytime picnics.

ABV  5.5% 

Friends Down South

New England IPA brewed with a base of pilsner malt and copious amounts of oats and spelt. This beer is then hopped in the kettle with New Zealand Wai-iti, Rakau, Motueka and Australian Galaxy. It was then double dry-hopped with dangerous amounts of the aforementioned hops. This beer is our love letter to hops grown in these beautiful countries. Notes of lemon and lime zest, candied oranges, and peach preserves.

ABV  7.6%

Friends Out West

A Double Dry-hopped New England IPA brewed with a base of pilsner malts and a copious amounts of malted spelt and flaked oats.  We then hopped with beer with tons of our favorite dank and sticky varieties from our Friends Out West, Simcoe, El Dorado, Mosaic and the most aromatic Citra we could find.  We then double dry-hopped this beer with the aforementioned hops at a dangerous level of 6 lbs per barrel.  We get, orange zest, orange julius, dank pineapple Sunday smoothies and pithy grapefruit scoops.

ABV  7.5%

Glad Hands

Pale ale brewed with pilsner malt, spelt and oats. It is then hopped and heavily dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Simcoe. Massive tropical fruit and pineapple notes in this lovely little beer, with a full and luscious mouth feel.

ABV  5.5%