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Midnight Brunch NYE Celebration at Derive Brewing || Columbus, Ohio

Midnight Brunch NYE at Derive Brewing Co

For the first time ever, Derive Brewing Company is hosting a New Years Eve Party! Join us December 31st from 8pm-12:15 for Midnight Brunch. It's exactly like brunch, but at night..and on New Years Eve. Think breakfast for dinner,'s brunch...on New Years Eve. We agree, its brilliant.

In between brunch canapes, we'll be doing full bar service and mixing and a mingling to some groovy beats, waiting on that auld ball to drop. When the clock strikes 12, we'll raise a Midnight Mimosa toast to 2024.

It's sure to be a rip-roarin' good time! But, like, rip-roarin' by the standards of a middle-aged brunch attendee. If you're the type who, in between drinks, says things like, 'I'm getting to old for this!' or around 11 pm exclaim, 'Phew! I just can't stay up the way I used to!' then this party is guaranteed to have the right caliber of NYE for you.

This is a ticketed event limited to 60 attendents! Tickets cost $25 and cover entry, brunch canapes and a midnight mimosa toast. Available now at:

We'll see you Dec. 31st for our Midnight Brunch NYE at Derive Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio.


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